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    Eslon Clean Piping Systems

    Eslon Clean Piping Systems

    Ultra Pure Water Pipe, Fitting, Valve
    ESLON Clean Pipe features excellent elution, and is an economic ultra pure water clean piping material.
    We supply ESLON clean pipe, fitting and valve to make high clean purity and flow constant.
    Name Material Size Use
    Maximum Allowable
    Joining Method Application
    Super ESLON
    Clean Pipe
    HI-PVC Impact
    13~300A 0~+60℃ 1.0Mpa TS Jointing Socket
    Ultra Pure Water
    Achievement of very little TOC & metal elution through unique PVC mixing and forming technology
    Very suitable to ultra pure water pipe because of very little elution of TOC, metal and various ions
    Prevention of proliferation of live bacteria and pollution because of very smooth surface profile of the inside of pipe
    Elution performance of TOC, metal and various ionsUnit:㎍/㎡.day
    Name Temp. TOC Ca Mg Na
    Super ESLON Clean Pipe Room Temp. 5.0 0.06 0.005 0.003
    HT ESLON Clean Pipe Room Temp. 11.0 0.28 0.050 0.003
    80℃ 613.0 0.16 0.030 0.003
    The figures were measured with the short tube sealing water testing method created by Japanese semiconductor technology research association.
    Smooth internal surface prevents proliferaion of live bacteria and pollution.
    Pipe Size 13~150 200~300
    Surface Profile Rmax/ ≤0.25μm ≤0.30μm
    Picture of the internal profile taken by electron microscope
    Using MMP's automatic socket fusion machine for joining does not require adhesives and it helps to accomplish better elution performance.
    Because of its excellent chemical resistance, durability, and thermal properties, it can be suitable for not only ultra pure water but general chemcial pipes.
    Linear expansion coefficient is 1/2 of that of PP or PVDF, and thus thermal expansion and contraction are easy.