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Since its foundation in 1991, with the motto of thermoplastic total solution, our company has done the best to meet diverse needs in the semiconductor, water treatment, and chemical industries.

In particular, MMP Co., Ltd. is the Korean sole distributor of the Spears and Harvel which specializing in manufacturing SCH80 PVC and CPVC piping systems in the USA. Therefore, MMP has various kinds of SCH80 PVC and CPVC piping systems and immediately supply them to customers to meet their urgent needs.

Aside from that, as the Korean sole distributor of Sekisui Chemical in Japan, MMP has an extensive inventory of Super Clean PVC, HT PVC, SCH80 PVC, and CPVC used for semiconductor ultra pure water equipment and R/O & semiconductor equipment in order to supply immediately them to firms related to semiconductor products, ultra pure water equipment and semiconductor equipment in Korea.

In addition, MMP is the only company that has specialized knowledge in piping systems including Teflon Lined Valve, PFA, PTFE Hose, PTFE Pipings, and Composite Valve used for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, shipping, steel manufacturing, and chemical industries.
Using MMP's automatic socket fusion machine for joining does not require adhesives and it helps to accomplish better elution performance.

Since 2003, MMP has manufactured (processing, assembling, and testing included) and supplied actuated valves (plastic and metal). Our research institute independently developed the automatic socket fusion machine for plastic for the first time in Korea, which is well recognized by customers.

All executives and employees of MMP promise to provide better customer service and reliable technical data actively as always as we have done. Please give us your continuous support and interest.

Thank you.

Park, kyeong-ho
CEO of MMP Co., Ltd.

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